Frequently Asked Questions

IT Downloads Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where can I download IT dump for free? Unfortunately we can’t offer free service manuals. Our manuals are priced lower than any other similar website on the internet.
  2. What is a brain dump? A Brain Dump is a list of questions and answers from an exam, these prepare the student before they enter the exam.
  3. Which is the best site for certification dumps? We believe ITDownloads is one of the best sites on the internet for all the latest IT certification BrainDumps.
  4. What are dumps for certification? Dumps are literally the exam questions that you will get in the exam, by downloading these you will be well prepared for the forth coming exam.
  5. Do exam dumps work? Obviously having an insight in to what is coming in a exam will increase our chances of success exponentially.
  6. Is using braindumps cheating? We beleive our dumps are an aid to you passing the exam, and hope our costumes study as much as possible alongside the dumps.
  7. Can you pass CCNA with dumps? Of course, our dumps give you all the possible questions and answers, but we advise that you study along side also.
  8. Are CCNA dumps reliable? All our dumps are the latest Q & A from leading certifications such as Cisco and Comptia.