Neil Anderson Cisco CCNA Gold Boot Camp

Neil Anderson


Get access to the best online training available via Neil Anderson’s Cisco CCNA Gold Boot Camp. The boot camp is the most comprehensive training courses for the CCNA exam. The boot camp will include topics such as

IP Address Classes

  • Intro
  • Class A IP Addresses
  • IP Address Classes B and C
  • IP Address Classes D and E
  • IP Address Classes Quiz

Dynamic Routing Protocols

  • Dynamic Routing Protocols vs Static Routes
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols Lab Demo
  • Routing Protocol Types
  • Routing Protocol Types Lab Demo
  • Routing Protocol Metrics
  • Routing Protocol Metrics Lab Demo
  • Equal Cost Multi Path
  • Equal Cost Multi Path Lab Demo
  • Administrative Distance
  • Administrative Distance Lab Demo
  • Loopback Interfaces
  • Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces
  • Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces Lab Demo
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Lab Exercises
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols Quiz

About Neil Anderson

Neil dropped out of school when he was 15 with no qualifications or future plans. When he got a little bit older and wiser he realised he should build a career for himself. He rocketed up the IT career ladder by learning online. I’m here to help you do the same. he is proud of his ‘Top Responder’ tag online and I genuinely care about giving you the best experience possible, both in the quality of his training and in ongoing support. Nothing makes him feel better than hearing he has helped you reach the next level in your career. He can help you on the path to achieving the same qualifications as him.

Neil’s main focus since 2007 has been development and delivery of technical training for large enterprise and service provider customers such as Cisco, NetApp, Verizon and IBM. He trains the engineers who design and implement the largest Cloud and Data Center deployments throughout Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. Prior to focusing on training he worked in the field for over 10 years in a variety of network engineering roles. He love sharing his knowledge and can’t wait to help you take your career to the next level.

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